Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Racism and Rights

Criminalizing speech in the EU

The Brussels Journal reported a few days ago on new EU legislation being prepared by the European Commission. It is currently under review by the Council of Ministers, the ad hoc council of Justice Ministers of all European countries that approves legislation prepared by the European Commission.

The legislation is intended to stifle freedom of speech and action in all EU member states under the guise of "fighting racism and xenophobia". This kind of legislation is remniscent of the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union. It is concerning that the EU is attempting to legislate the criminal code of the member states.

The EU laws will in effect be quite powerless unless they are actually enforced by the national judiciaries of the EU member states. So what is the record with regards to surpression of speech enforcement in The Netherlands?

Free Speech takes of in The Netherlands

During the 2001-2002 Pim Fortuyn upheaval Dutch speech codes were relaxed. There was increased freedom to debate matters and government agencies released studies with politically incorrect finding, such as the overrepresentation of non-western foreigners in violent crime. As a result speech and action (hiring) are more free in The Netherlands than in other parts of the EU, especially Germany and Belgium. Still, article 1 of the Dutch constitution remained unchanged, including the part amended by Communist Marcus Bakker, that outlaws ethnic and religious discrimination by the public, rather than discrimination by the state that was the original portent of article 1.

Recently Vlaams Belang leader Dewinter recognized this greater freedom when he stated that he would apply for political asylum if the Belgian legislature would pass a law that would make exclude anyone convicted of "racism" from seeking political office.

With the new government of Labour, with Christian Democrats and Christian Union this freedom is under threat. Not only Labour politicians but also the Christian politicians are making ominious noises.

The sponsors of the agency

Yesterday, Christian Democrat Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin presented a new foundation dedicated to "combat racism and xenophobia" in addition to the organisations already existing, such as subsidised internet watchdog MDI and the special desks of the police for discrimination. The new organisation is called "Art. 1" after the Communist subverted article 1 of the Dutch constitution. The foundation was actually "enshrined" at Parliament by chiselling the text of article 1 of the Dutch constitution in a stone bench on the square of the Parliament building "Binnenhof".

The budget of the agency

The national government has an 6 million Euro annual budget item for such anti-discrimination desks. "Art. 1" wants it doubled. Justice Minister Ballin also promised that the prosecution department (OM) will intensify its hunt against dicriminatory hiring practices and "hate speech".

The head of the agency

The man appointed to head the new foundation is a Mr. Herman Meijer (Dutch). Mr. Meijer is a professional homosexual, a member of the radical gay-rights movement. He belongs to the Green Party ("Groen Links"). The Greens are a amalgam of a pacifist, the Communist and the Christian Leftist (EVP)Parties. Mr. Meijer is both a former card carrying Pacifist and a Communist. This man has now appointed himself to head a state-subsidised quasi-governemental organisation. The subsidy adds insult to injury, as politically incorrect Conservatives such as myself are forced to fund with our taxes the very organisation that disenfranchises us.

The morals of Mr. Herman Meijer

But that is not all. Mr. Meijer is an activist for pedophile rights. He is closely connected to activists that advance the "rights" of pedophiles as a part of his political activities and writings. He is an organiser of the infamous "Love of fellow man, Freedom and Diversity Party" ("Partij van Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit"). This party tried to take part in the 2006 election advocating rights of pedophiles, but met with such hostility that it never came to anything.

Breaking contracts

It is a sign of the times that immoral personal conduct is ADVOCATED by people on positions of highest political power. Diversity of opinion, necessary for debate in a free society regarding the reconcilability of ethnic, religious and national differences is criminalised. Though the latter a mere opinions and the former are actual breaches of the contract of society. This is general in the West.

Back to The Netherlands

Finally what this reveals again is the utter contempt with which the Dutch political class regards the public. Despite the fact that 2006 again showed there is enormous hostility against pedophilia in the country, Mr. Meyers was made head of the anti-heterodoxy foundation regardless.

This will give those who attack Multiculturalist dogma extra ammunition in their fight against the surpression of speech. So we can end this piece on a positive note.

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