Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Banished from Eden?

Dutch News reports:
A court in Amsterdam will announce today whether the city's chapter of the motorcycle club Hells Angels should be banned. The public prosecution department (OM) says the group is a criminal organisation with no place in Dutch society.

It has gone to court in six cities to have all six Dutch chapters ruled illegal.

Amsterdam is considered to be the leading Dutch chapter. The OM says its members are involved in a wide range of criminal activities, from weapons and drugs trading to violent crime.

In March, a court in Leeuwarden ruled against the OM. It said that despite the criminal activities of some members, not everyone could be made responsible for their behaviour.
The Amsterdam Hells Angels are the leading chapter in the European wing of the Hells Angels organisation. They are involved in smuggling hard drugs into The Netherlands and moving it to other European countries, prostitution, gang wars, and assasination. Leading Dutch criminals Sam Klepper try to win the alliance of the Hells Angels, due to their manpower and organisation. Klepper was murdered in 2000 and rode to his burial site accompanied by a motorcade of hundreds of Hells Angels.

In turf wars in the 1990ies anti-tank rockets were fired at club houses in Scandinavia, just as happened last week at the Amsterdam-West courthouse.

Criminal gangs are a organisational and financial foundation for non-trinitarian warmaking entities that are undermining and challenging the state. Read a 19 page document on gangs, crime and terrorists on Defense and the National Interest.

A Quote:
Since the 1990’s, Western law enforcement agencies are seeing an increasing reliance by terrorist networks around the world on criminal activity.
And the news just came out. The Amsterdam Chapter of the Hells Angels ("Dutch") will not be dissolved.

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