Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ondiep riots: ethnic policeman and diminishing trust

In my previous post I asserted that the policeman who killed Rini Mulder in Utrecht was a Muslim. The police has specifically denied that the shooter was Turkish or Moroccan.

That leaves the possibility open that the policeman belonged to another non-white immigrant group.

A further thought: the fact that these rumours go round show the fragility of the Multicultural ideology. People instinctively distrust people of other ethnic groups and backgrounds then their own. This rumour reflects this unease.

Another feature of the multicultural society society that showed itself in the "Ondiep riots" is its need for repression. The Ondiep neighbourhood has been cordoned off by police and even professionals like nurses who cared for the ill in Ondiep have been refused entrance to the neighbourhood. The more multicultural a society become, the more authoritarian it must be in order to keep a lid on the cauldron of ethnic tension.

This increasing power of the state over the population is initially a boon to the authorities, because of their ambition and love of power. There comes a point where the pressure overwhelms the lid and the witch's brew goes supercritical. At this point the different population groups form their own armed groups that do openly battle with each other.

The cores of these groups have already been formed. They are criminal gangs, security firms, militias, clubs of football supporters and other social groups that have many young male members. This has been seen in Yugoslavia and Lebanon. (It is my opinion that the Soviet Empire fell apart from its Multicultural nature too).

It will not pass Western societies by. It is the logical outcome of the insistence of transnational elites to populate Western countries with ethnically, religiously and culturally different population groups in pursuit of their ideological vision.

The nation state as the dominant social organisation is in its autumn, not just in Africa and the Middle East, but also in the West.

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expat said...

WTF? The govt won't release the identity of the shooter cop? Is this normal?