Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The growing strength of the Dutch Right

Geert Wilders and his party, the anti-islamic Freedom Party (PVV) are growing in popularity. Polls show that the Freedom Party would nearly double its seats in parliament, if elections would be held.

The popularity of the Freedom Party is the result of the strong support amongst the public for the attacks in parliament on double nationality and the questionable loyalty of immigrant politicians to society as a whole.

When Freedom Party Parliamentary Sietze Fritsma issued a motion for banning double nationality and questioning Labour Muslim politicians Albayrak and Aboutaleb the entire political spectrum attacked him. Polls and internet forums showed massive support for the Freedom Party position. It shows that the rift between the position of the political class and the population, which was revealed during the Pim Fortuyn days in 2002 has not been closed.

The coalition parties (Labour, Christian Democrats and Christian Union) are losing in the polls and have lost their majority. The Leftist and anti EU Socialist Party (SP), to the Left of Labour, is also increasing in strength.

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