Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Staffing problems

The Conservative Freedom Party (PVV) of Geert Wilders got 9 seats in the elections last month for the 150 seat national assembly. Before the election Geert Wilders, who defected from the Liberal-Conservative VVD party, was on his own in parliament.

Having added eight to his rank Wilders now has to train these novices in national politics in becoming effective politicians and welding them into a team.

Of course Wilders must have vetted his candidates carefully when he was making his bid for parliament two years ago. After all Pim Fortuyn's parliamentary fraction of 26 quickly fell apart after their entry in national politics and the murder of the party leaders.

Or has he?

A regional newspaper raked up a story about Dion Graus (Dutch), number six on the party list. NRC Handelsblad also carried the story.

Mr. Graus has had a report filed against him for wife battering three years ago. And intimidation of his father in law. The accusations have not been proven and Graus will get a few weeks to exonerate himself. Moreover he is supposed to have had a string of conflicts with previous employers. These accusations look like nit-picking.

Whether Mr. Graus is really innocent or not remains to be seen. But publicity like this will certainly damage the image of the party in the eyes of the public.


Ferdy said...

I wonder why Geert Wilders thought he needed this ‘animal activist’ anyway on his team. As far as I can tell is that the only qualification Gaus has…

Ferdy said...
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