Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Port of Rotterdam is being prepared for Terr attack

The Royal Dutch Army (Dutch) is conducting excercises "National Titan" and "Grensweg" this week. The area where the exercise is conducted is Rotterdam Port, volume- and revenueswise the biggest port in the world, and in the Southern province of North-Brabant.

300 soldiers are gaming a situation in which the country faces large scale power outages after terrorist actions elsewhere in Europe.

The troops will mostly operate mostly from Fire Brigade Barracks. The unit that is doing the exercise is the 101 Communication and Information Systems Battallion ("101 Communicatie en Informatie Systemen bataljon"), belonging to the 101 Fighting Support Brigade ("101 Gevechtssteunbrigade")

The Interior Ministry is organising the "Grensweg" exercise.

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