Monday, November 06, 2006

Dutch PM in trouble

Dutch PM J.P. Balkenende got in hot water today over his comment on the death penalty for Saddam Hussain. The PM commented: "The death penalty is a fitting punishment for Hussain, if we look at the kind of ruler he was". He then noted that The Netherlands is against the death penalty.

The Leftwing opposition is raising a storm over these comments and insist that the PM should have ruled out the death penalty.

This is "the Church of the Left" in action.

They know that the PM is a rightwinged Christian and that these often are in favour of capital punishment. They know too that a growing minority of Dutchmen is in favour of capital punishment. Polls show that more than 40 percent of the population favours capital punishment.

The political class in The Netherlands and Europe is monolithic in its pursuance of Leftwing utopianism, however and does not tolerate dissent.

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