Friday, October 13, 2006


Conservative's dream

In the rightwing blogosphere there is a tendency to talk about "Islamofascism". When talking of the threat of the believers of Islam agaqinst Western societies.

I think the Muslims should be simply called Muslims and no connection should be made to recent European history.

Islam is 1.400 years old and has been a threat to its neighbours during that time. Fascism is 85 years old. I know of no modification in Islam in the last 85 years in order to align it to fascism.

However there is such a thing as Fascism in Islam. An example is e.g. Turkey. The Turkish "Grey Wolves" or "ideologues" are both Fascists and Muslims.

The Grey Wolves are a very strong force in Turkish politics together with the "Islamic prosperity" movement of Erdogan, the current premier of Turkey. Both used the Turkish diaspora in Western Europe to increase their strength.

The West a sanctuary for the Jihadist Islam and Turkish Fascism

Because the Turkish state has little power over the Turkish communities in Western Europe they can fundraise, recruit and print literature there. About 40 percent of the Dutch and German Turks used to support the Grey Wolves and another 40 percent the Islamic Prosperity party.

Now that Western government have stopped guarding their borders and populations, transnational movements like these (think of Latin American criminal organisations in the USA) find sanctuaries in which they can build up their strength. Our governments keep their eyes shut, Westerners are powerless and our enemies multiply and beset us.

Middle Eastern secularism not so kosher

Another thing is, the secular Turkish state that some Westerners wax about so eloquently has a very strong "State worship" element to it. In order to weaken the appeal of Islam Kemal Ataturk turned the state in an object of veneration, which is very much alike to Communism, Fascism and Nazism. Kemal Ataturk is still venerated like a god by pro-American circles in the Turkish State, especially the army.

Furthermore I could write a similar story about the Syrian and Iraqi Baath party, which have strong fascist tendencies in order to counterbalance the strength of Islam in their societies.

If you mix Western society with a non-western society such as Middle Eastern societies, as happens when you:
a. let them invade your society, thru immigration;
b. invade them with your own army
you are bound to find out that all your options are unsavoury.

Better not to mix civilisations and populations.


If you want a modern picture of Fascism surf to Ataturks Mausoleum

The real fascism is in the ideas, not in the symbols of course. Still these pictures gives one a good pointer, methinks.

I think that we should discern between Islam and real Islamofascism or Fascism in Muslim societies and not use the latter as a blanket term for things we do not like about Islam.

Fascists in Europe

Finally, in the past 10 years Islamofascism is weakening and Islam is on the rise in Islamic communities in Asia, Middle East and The West. Oh, and socialism ("handouts")is the "monkey" in Turkish society these days. Wish it were so in the West. Curiously Euro-socialists are the biggest benefactors of Muslims in Europe as we saw in the municipal elections in The Netherlands in March and in Belgium last week.

As Pastorius of Infidel Blogger Alliances notes, the Belgian Wallons socialists even put a Turkish Grey Wolf, Murat Denizli, on their list, after endlessy haranguing the Vlaams Belang about being fascist.

Give me a honest fascist any day over such hypocritical scum as these Socialists. At least one knows were one stands.


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