Saturday, October 28, 2006

Freedom Party Activists assaulted by Muslims

Two volunteers of the new hardline conservative "Partij van de Vrijheid" (Freedom Party) of Geert Wilders have been beaten up Friday night by five or six Muslims (Dutch). The volunteers were putting up election posters for the Freedom Party when the Moroccans assaulted them on the Carnagieplein, according to a police spokesman.

The volunteers were lightly injured and their car was damaged. The Muslims have not been apprehended but mayor Deetman of The Hague promised that the police will actually investigate the matter and try to arrest them.

Security is a big issue for the Freedom Party. The party founder needs bodyguards on a permanent basis. All party events have to be guarded and all visitors to events of the fledgling party have to identify themselves and are frisked and scanned for guns, boms and knives.

A costly and cumbersome way to operate, which makes the build-up of the party relatively hard compared to the work of Leftist parties who see the numer of voters growing as a result of the growth of the immigrant communities that vote exclusively (95 percent plus) Leftist.

The political class is continuing to dissolve the people and electing a new one.

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JKayce said...

I just read the newsclip; what a wonderful asset to Dutch society Moroccans are...

And what to think about a religion with the one predominant characteristic that it brings forth violence and bloodshed wherever its followers go?