Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fjordman's solutions

Fjordman has been writing a series of posts on the European and Western predicament on Gates of Vienna and Brussels Journal. His latest installment comes up with a number of recommendations for Westerners.

His take on it is sharp, Multiculturalism is a tool for the unilateral destruction of Western societies:

Multiculturalism equals western suicide

Multiculturalism is wrong because not all cultures are equal. However, it is also championed by groups with a hidden agenda. Multiculturalism serves as a tool for ruling elites to fool people, to keep them from knowing that they have lost, or deliberately vacated, control over national borders. Leftists who dislike Western civilization use Multiculturalism to undermine it, a hate ideology disguised as tolerance. Multiculturalism equals the unilateral destruction of Western culture, the only unilateral action the West is allowed to take, according to some.
I would like to add: Western supporters of the destruction of the West should be ostracized. If they want to create a new society they should do it at their and their progeny's expense. They ought to stop to drag everybody down with them.

The false choice between Left and Right

Fjordman states:
There are also some libertarian right-wingers and Big Business supporters who see man only as the sum of his economic functions, as cheap labor and consumers, homo economicus. They believe not only in free markets but in free migration, and tend to downplay the impact of culture. They are Islam’s useful idiots in the fight against the West.
My take: due to the false left - right political dichotomy it appears Westerners have a choice and that we have democracy. However we can choose to be destroyed or to be destroyed. The only difference is the size of the state sector. Not much of a choice really.

The acceptable Left and Right in the West have one thing in common. They believe in man as economic man, without any interests outside economic calculations.

The defense of the national State and democracy

Upholding national borders has become more important in the age of globalization, terrorism and mass-migration, not less. No nation regardless of political system can survive the loss of its territorial integrity, but democratic states especially so. Those who don’t want to uphold national borders are actually tearing down the very foundations of our democratic system, which is based on nation states. The fight for national sovereignty is thus the fight for democracy itself, since nobody has so far made any convincing model of a supranational democracy.
Snouck's commentary:
Most of Fjordman's recommendations have a common thread. They have a strong statist bend to them. For them to be implemented Westerners need to cross a massive obstacle: gaining control of the state. Probably by democratic means. However ther is a problem with that. The political, bureaucratic and media elites are blocking free discussion of issues and blocking the formation of pro-Western parties of movements, calling them Fascist and Nazist. Moreover they are importing large numbers of non-Westerners into Europe and North-America who form voting blocks for the Leftist parties, thus blocking the possibility of achieving any of Fjordman's results using the political process.

Instant citizenship

We have seen this in practice in Belgium and the Netherlands in the 2006 municipal elections. The Dutch municipal elections were in March. A crushing 99 percent of the immigrant vote went to Leftist parties using ethnic candidates to reach ethnic voting blocks. In Belgium the same happened this week. The Belgian political class has created the possibility for foreigners to be naturalised in 3 years. The heavy influx of Muslims in Antwerp and the outflow of Flemish out of that city is stopping the Flemish interest right in its tracks before it can turn the trend around.

Multicultural Glasnost

Fjordman also recommends that European countries get a first amendment guarantueing free speech the way it is protected in the USA. That is a good idea. With free speech Europeans will be able to debate the Leftist-Islamic threat against their societies and convince their compatriots to rally to the banner of Western defense.

I still have to point out that the USA HAS Freedom of Speech. And a Conservative movement. But it does not seem to do them much good, because the rot is too deep. Most American Conservative opinion leaders seem unable to define the enemy: the Leftist-Islamic alliance. Perhaps this will change in the future.

The West must do a Gorbatshov

In the mid 80-ies the belief in Communism imploded in the Soviet Union. The Soviet elites simply gave up on the idea of societal economic equality. The same must happen in Europe and North America, with regards to the idea of cultural and ethnic equality. Opinion leaders must give up on this idea before Western societies will be able to start defending themselves and the current trend of self distruction is stopped.

I must add that creating a platform advocating Fjordman's recommendations in various Western society is never a bad thing. Even if advancement of the cause of the West is blocked by internal enemies, two goals will be achieved:
1. debate and publicity on essential issues;
2. the formation and socialisation of pro-western groups in Western societies.

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