Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fortuynist Livable Rotterdam goes national

Marco Pastors, the leader of the fortuynist Livable Rotterdam party has registered a national party list called één NL (One Netherland).

The new right winged party emphases intergration, security, education, social security and administrative rejuvenation. All those who live in The Netherlands will have to accept Dutch culture as “Leitkultur”, the dominant culture.

As a Rotterdam Aeldorman Marco Pastors showed himself to be one of the most able administrators of the crop of the 2002 Fortuynist politicians. The Livable Rotterdam party performed well in the 2006 march municipal elections, receiving a very significant portion of the ethnic white vote. The platform of Livable Rotterdam is not explicitly ethnic, but rather culturalist pro-Dutch and anti-multiculturalist.

The leading man of Livable Rotterdam/One NL is a boon to any party due to his administrative gravitas. Whether he will be able to formulate a attractive political platform and attract significant political support is however questionable.

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