Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Do they (The Dutch outside the areas of immigration) not see what is happening to the great cities of the Netherlands? Do they think this will not involve them?

Most people who do not live in theareas impacted by immigration do not see it. People have not been equipped with the concepts to see immigration as a concept. It was crimethink. To change that requires a main change of culture and a group of people who will equip the people with the ideas to see what is happening to their society.

Sure immigration is a concern to many people. Bo so are jobs, interest rates, the availability of housing, crime. Of course all these can to some extent be linked to immigration, but the Dutch need someone to do it for them. Right now people are focussed on Islam. Which is excellent. Most immigrants are Muslims and Islam is a very political faith so it is the main threat.

How to deal with this threat? Most people think in terms of using the power of the state to force the immigrants in a Dutch mold so the immigrants will become like us. It is a ridiculous idea, but this is what politicians tell them and Dutch people have a tendency to believe in this solution. I believe it is the same all over the Western world. This is why Bush went to Iraq. He thought the Western model was universal and could easily be transferred to an alien population. Most Americans believed him both Democrats and Republicans. So the only way the failings of this approach can be exposed is by trying it and seeing it crash and burn. The Americans are now seeing that democracy does not agree with Iraqi society.

And the Dutch will eventually see that culture is not a intellectual thing that can be programmed into people, but that it much more and that foreign population will resist their values being changed. By the time these lessons are learned another 10 years have passed.

So maybe the Muslims will indeed take over Holland and France. What can be done about it? I really do not know.

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susie said...

To paraphrase Nietzsche, you're in the throes of decadence when pity becomes a virtue. You should ask why your countrymen are paralyzed in the face of this invasion (and by this I refer to all western countries at this time)? If the immigration came from, let's say Germany, and they behaved only half as bad as the Muslims, would the reaction be similar or would the Dutch be galvanized to resist? I suspect that the Dutch look upon the Muslims as a protected class (by the left), while others look upon them with pity. We need to look at the deepest motivations that have caused this inability to defend one's culture, one's country, and one's future.