Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Western countries keep persecuting those who commit thoughtcrime. That's right. Our owners and masters tell us what thought are approved and may be thought and which not.
Thinking and saying that "Islam is a danger" to European will get you persecuted by hysterical Leftists armed with the power of the Law.

As is happening now in Belgium, were a Catholic clergyman, frere Samuel, who fled as a Christian from Turkey says that every Muslim child is a ticking time bomb for Belgian children. As they undoubtedly are.


Our elites try to imitate Soviet Russia in their approach to repressing political dissent. Only they are really PATHETIC repressors. Come on. Firing people from their jobs. Sending people to jail. Fining them. That is NOT going to impress us.

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nouille said...

so sad, really. It's suicide.