Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guns, Girls and Ghosts

Pim´s Ghost:
I too am a nationalist at heart. I'm an American as one, but I'd just as soon move to Holland and become quite political. Of course, due to my outspoken demeanor I'd never feel right having to leave my guns behind. I'd be a nice target I'm sure.

You can bring your guns. It is a bit of a procedure, but it goes as follows:
After moving to The Netherlands, you become a member of a "schietsportclub". This is a club for shooting guns. They will require to see your passport and a "bewijs van goed gedrag". This is a certificate of good behaviour. This means you need a letter from the police in your hometown that you have no serious offenses on your record. Then you have to regularly attend shooting practice at the club. I think once a month will be enough. After twelve months you can request a gun permit. This will permit you to keep a gun at home. I do not know how long it takes for the paperwork to be processed. Once you got your gun permit, you can keep your gun at home and take it to the shooting range of "schietclubs". There are "schietclubs" in most towns and villages. Most will be delighted to have American members, especially one from the American South. Do not be surprised to see Dixie flags at the bar or hall of most Dutch schietclubs!

The things is that the law says that you must have a "reasonable interest" in keeping a gun. And being a "sportschutter" or "sportsshooter" is enough. Once you got your permit for your first gun you have to wait another 12 months to get your permit for a second gun. Once you got that you can bring in as many legal guns as you want.

Most revolvers, pistols and rifles are legal in The Netherlands. If they are registered in the USA that is enough. Automatic (rapid fire) rifles are not legal.

I think our gun laws make sense although they are a bit too cumbersome. Shorten the time span for membership of a club to 6 months and drop the requirement to apply for an additional permit after the first one and it would be perfect.


Pim's Ghost said...

Aha! It's not that I just want to shoot at things (or people), but seeing as some of the criminals manage to have guns (I needn't point out the relevant cases here!)I'd want to be able to defend myself. I do here as well, but I don't carry or anything in public.

Snouck said...

I think if you can argue that you are a sportschutter in the USA, by being a member of a gunclub you can bring your gun(s) to The Netherlands straight away. Mostly paperwork.

The Assassins of Islam only threathen public figures. No need to worry there.

But having a gun in the house may be a good idea for someone who is hostile to Islam. When I was a teenager one of my classmates was Armenian and he and his family had guns to defend themselves from the Muslims (Turks). At the time it was obvious to me that eventually the same would go for the Dutch.

I wonder how difficult it is to be licenced as a gunclub in The Netherlands. In order to arm ourselves against the Third Worlders we will eventually have to start to arm ourselves, especially in the case of an economic collaps. Running gun clubs will be essential, seeing how our gun laws work.

Same goes for you in the USA. Weapons, the skills to operate them and the values to operate them wisely are essential to the ability of the people to defend themselves against encroachment from the Third World, due to the betrayal of those who run Western societies.

Pim's Ghost said...

Gun laws in Europe are fine, and understandable in contrast to American ones. The early years of our settlement and the expansion of our nation made guns a necessity. There just never seemed an appropriate time to try to amend our right to bear arms, which is in our Constitution. Had there been an appropriate time, we might have curtailed gun rights here too, but everyone already had too many guns, and gun sales have risen greatly since 9/11 though few learn to use them correctly or even have much need.

I fear that I'm perhaps outspoken enough though on the subject of Islam that I'd get myself into trouble. Either that or crying my eyes out over my poor dear Pim. Yeah, I'm a weirdo. I really do love Fortuyn that much.