Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Building up a movement

About the municipal elections and the landslide victory for Labour (PvdA), the Socialist Party and the Greens a reader writes:

You leave out the most important factor -- what do the Dutch people want??? It's still a democracy, is it not? The immigrant vote can't be much more than 10%. If the Dutch wish to die, then it is their choice."

No it is not that simple. The impact of immigration is very unequal accross the country. There are vast areas were there are hardly any Mulsims and small urban areas were they are 50 percent of the population, city wide.

In the areas hitherto untouched by immigration the population is not so concerned by it. And they are creeping to the Left due to secularisation. And only in Rotterdam is there a strong right wing alternative for the Left. The weakening Christian Democrats and the Liberal-Conservatives are pretty Multicultural too. New political organisations do not come into existance overnight. It will take 15 to 20 years to built up a strong Rightwing party. The question is if we have so much time. Also a part of the Dutch population will always stay on the side of Multiculturalism, because it is their ideology or because their power increases because of it and they can insulate themselves from the effects. So it remains to be seen if a nationalist alternative will grow at the required pace, if they will be able to formulate an ideology and whether they will be able to attract cadre for the party. Moreover there is strong opposition from the Socialist Party against the Fortuynist movement. The Socialist Party knows how to connect to people in working class areas and that it the prime hunting ground for a right wing movement.

Because the Christian Democrats seem to be collapsing perhaps their cadre can be poached in order to quicken the buld-up of a political organisation.


susie said...

The Netherlands is being invaded by an alien force that is multiplying at an alarming rate. There is no time for the rest of the country to wait until this hits them in the face. Do they not see what is happening to the great cities of the Netherlands? Do they think this will not involve them? You can run but you can't hide.

Snouck said...

The Netherlands is being invaded by an alien force that is multiplying at an alarming rate.

the rate of invasion has been drastically lowered.