Monday, March 27, 2006

Bringing a new law to the land

When we bring a new people to a land we also bring a new law to that land.

In good old Amersfoort a Middle Eastern boy was killed in a silly conflict over a "slut". His gang bro's are now calling for revenge:
third World style.

Laws do not live in the abstract, they live in social settings. Change the setting and the laws will have to follow them. Laws travel with people. They do not live in a territorium.


Stevansky said...

When you export one country's laws to another it is usually after the former has been conquered. The islamofascists are presently trying to export sharia law to the rest of the world, but guess what will have to happen first? That's right, they have to overthrow every government currently in existence outside of arabia because they believe that everything and everyone must live in submission to the koran. To live otherwise you are considered an "infidel" and the islamofacists have only one word to say to them. JIHAD!

Snouck said...

They are now in the conquering stage in The Netherlands. Slowly but surely they try to submit the Dutch to the will of the immigrant Muslim population following the shape of Islamic law. The more extremist Muslims want to attack economic (Schiphol Airport) and ideological (Theo van Gogh) targets in the Netherlands, the more moderate ones use elections to get hold of the councils of boroughs and towns.

nouille said...

excellent post, i noticed the replies from people on the news site you provided about the article are not good.

snouck said...

How do you mean not good?

Some replies say these gang members are crazy foreigners. Some others say that thekilled boy is a poor sod.

With which one do you disagree?