Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slipping the network a nuke

Islamophobia provided a link to a BBC-article:

Iran has warned it will end snap UN inspections of its nuclear facilities from Saturday if a decision is made to report it to the UN Security Council.

I definitely think that The Netherlands is a target for Islamist attacks. Including the use of nuclear weapons. Seeing for instance that The Netherlands is sending troops to Afghanistan. However, I do not think the Iranian nukes are a threat to the Netherlands or the rest of the West. Nukes can be traced back to their producer, even after having been exploded. Iran is a target, they have a territory and a 70 million population. So they will not let their nukes fall into terrorist hands. They will be open to retaliation if they are used.

The nukes that Al-Quada will use will be nukes that they have obtained from a source without that sources consent. I think it most likely that Russian nukes will be used, there are quite a few that are unaccounted for.

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