Friday, February 03, 2006

The rambling Assassin

The Hofstad trial goes on and moves into the final stages.

Mohammed Bouyeri, the assassin of Dutch Director van Gogh was allowed one hour to defend his alleged leadership of the Hofstad terror cell. The laywers of the other defendants have already made their final defense speech.

Most observers agree that Mohammed Bouyeri was too long winded and confused during the speech. Aside from numerous quotes from secular sources Bouyeri mainly quoted the Qoran. He insisted that the Qoran demands Jihad and the killing of those woho insult the Qoran or the prophet. This is confirmed by the present story of the Danish Mohammed cartoons, which shows the anger and killer rage against those who depict the prophet, let alone those who insult them.

Mohammed's defense

Mohammed Bouyeri's defense equalled that of the defense of Abu "Captain Hook" Hamza:

"COPIES of the Koran were handed to the jurors in the Abu Hamza trial yesterday as his defence argued that some of the cleric’s “offensive” statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book. "

I suspect that this will be the defense of many agitators and recruiters of terrorists in the long slogging fight to come against the terrorist forces recruited from the Muslims in the West.

The Qoran orders Jihad

And they are right. The Qoran orders Jihad. All Muslims have to fight and risk their lives and property to spread the faith and the Caliphate. Islam is used by the Islamists to convert men of violence of Muslim immigrant origin who overwhelmingly populate Western prisons and gives a higher purpose to their lifes.

Mohammed Bouyeri had not been in jail, but he had had several run ins with the police for various small offenses (he believes for instance that Muslims do not have to pay train or tram tickets and got caught). He is one of those who is recruited. An idiot who half understands what he is told by the recruiter a Syrian Asylum seeker by the name of Redouan. But people like Redouan and Abu Hamza are the recruiters and the organisers. The recruit their followers, and use the strictures of the Qoran justify robbing, looting and killing infidels and laxer Muslims. They organise criminal businesses involved in drugs smuggling, car theft and theft and fencing of other valuables.

Meanwhile the number of immigrants in Europe and North America grows. The recruiting base grows. The political power of the Imams grows. The Imams influence the actions of the police departments and bribe leftist parties by promising the delivery of votes to them. The Stronghold grows more and more imposing and formidable.


It is a workable strategy. I am sure there is more to it. More than I have yet discovered. So far I am impressed.


Charles Martel said...

OT: this might be of interest to you Snouck , and it has been barely covered in the Western Media

dont you think that the Indians have "got a clue" - way more that the political elite in the West?

maybe we could learn a thing or two from Indian Hindus?

Charles Martel said...

aargh.. link barfed..
here it is again

Wiag said...

If he was allowed an hour, on the news it was told he got three, with two 15 minutes breaks. Must have been difficult to sit it through.

It strikes me odd, that being able to make a statement to the world, he failed so badly to make a case for Islam. And I'm even more baffled by all that is happening nowadays, because I would think Islam would benefit more if it showed 'reason' instead of 'discontent and anger'. If they are so fed up with Western society...