Monday, February 27, 2006

MultiCul populations field MultiCul candidates?

In the major four cities of The Netherlands which are all demographically close to 50 percent non-white population the established political parties are all trying to field strong non-white candidates. Also a host of new small ethnic and multicultural parties have sprung up. The try to become a force in local politics following the lead of the Fortuynist path perhaps.

Yesterday city hall The Hague had a conference where the candidates and the new parties presented themselves. The ethnic candidates tried to sell themselves to their public. However the event was solely attended by those professionally interested in politics. The ethnics were all ..... shopping in the main shopping areas.

A thought: perhaps this illustrates the motivation of the immigrants to come here. In order to improve themselves materially. Not in order to contribute to society. Or perhaps the political ideology and system do not agree with them?


gandalf said...

we are seeing this in the UK as well, for some time now, various
groups such as Islamic communities have been supporting thier own candidates and have managed to take control in some local council elections, the major parties are courting the "ethnic" vote especially in the larger cities
where marginal seats exist.

What is happening is that immigrants are coming to the UK, some come to integrate and contribute and be involved with the country-thus become politically motivated.

Others come to replicate where they have come from and political motivation stems from that, they want thier culture here and do not support our culture

Snouck said...

"Others come to replicate where they have come from and political motivation stems from that, they want thier culture here and do not support our culture"

These people come here only to make a buck and you can not blame them for it. However, the population (Dutch, English etc.) does not get a say in whether they should be admitted to the territory or receive citizenship. While the political implications of their admittance are huge the inflow is managed by a mechanical procedure handled by faceless bureaucrats.

Charles Martel said...

snouck -> sometimes i wonder just how the hell did Denmark or Sweden end up with hundreds of thousands of Muslims?

I can undertand Britain - they had an Empire. And Holland - again, an Empire. Thus, you can only expect a certain influx from your former colonies.

But Denmark? Who in gods name did they invade or colonise?

Is there some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels deciding that Denmark should get its "quota" of Muslim? Is that how it happened?
Because, as far as I can tell, this was never put to the Danes in a referendum - nor were they given a choice about it. The same with Norway and Sweden.

Why are there Islamist extremists in NORWAY of all places? Who the hell thought that was good idea?

I am originally from Ireland, and we also have the same problem - suddenly there are thousands of Muslims living in Dublin - nobody asked the Irish if that was a good idea or not - it just "happened".

Now, I have no objection if people from the European Union come to Ireland. That is correct and proper. But who is authorising Pakistanis to come and settle in a place as alien as Dublin? A country with no imperial ties to Pakistan and no cultural ties either.

Again, i reiterate - i can understand the British doing so - ties of Empire, cricket, the Raj, shared history. That is OK in my view.

But indeed there seems to be faceless bureaucrats who are doing this. Why , is beyond me and is something I cant understand.

By the way - there are so many Muslims in Dublin, they now have a mosque. And as in Holland, they have all settled in the same area. A ghetto so to speak. I think its in north Dublin city.