Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Mexico - Yankee War

Laurence Auster writes an article on the war against the US waged by Mexico. Mexico exports its population northwards with an imperialistic goal. The US elites refuses to deal with the reality of the Mexican war on their nation, just as the European elite refuses to deal witht the reality of the Islamic invasion.

Writes Laurence Auster:
we must recognize that the Mexicans are not coming here merely as individuals seeking economic opportunities, but as a nation, expressing their national identity and collective will. Even more important, we must revive our own largely forgotten and forbidden sense that we ourselves are a nation, not just a bunch of consumers and bearers of individual rights, and have the right to defend our nation as a nation.
Because we Westerners are taught to view ourselves as consumers, we do not wake up when our collective right are damaged, because we do not understand the common weal or the res publica.

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Charles Martel said...

They just want California and Texas back.

i doubt that the Mexicans are very much interested in North Dakota or even New York.

Snouck said...

You are right, Charles Martel. The USA would lose those States and perhaps Arizona and definitely New Mexico. Splitting up the USA would most likely be as peacefull as the splitting up of the USSR or Yugoslavia.

Plus the USA is the guarantor of the peace in the rest of the world and the guard of the Sea lanes. Free of charge. The USA will to busy with itself when it breaks up to be the imperial power and world's policeman and judge. It will leave the rest of the world to manage itself, with secondary power fighting for supremacy or local power status. Sort of the situation the world was in after 1929, when the British Empire gave up running the sea lanes and keeping smaller regional powers in check.

Germany and Imerial Japan did not want to take over the world. Germany merely wanted to take over the Western part of the Soviet Union and Japan parts of SE Asia and the Chinese Coast. Much like China and militant Islam now merely want to become dominant in their habitats, the Middle East and SE Asia respectively.

Nothing wrong with that, really. Perfectly natural.

Lots of grass gets flattened, when the elephants fight for control of the herd.