Friday, February 10, 2006

Loyalty to Host or Umma

On about the Muslim Nation. Followers of Islam all belong to the same Nation and must give support to other members of Islam. So if Muslims live amongst other non-Muslim communities fellow Muslims abroad are ordered by their religion to come to their support if there rights are perceived to be damaged. This makes Muslims a doubtful asset to the host community. This is illustrated by the Danish cartoon case:

Al-Naqqash: "I say, before you even ask, that the Arab countries... Any cleric with knowledge of Islam must guide the Jihad of Islam in the right direction. He must say: We declare Jihad against the U.S., England, and their allies occupying Islamic lands, and in this proper method. When the nation's clerics are silent, sitting on their backsides, and talking only about how Islam is a religion of love, they give the youth of the nation the liberty to act freely and respond in their own methods.


"Is the U.S. the enemy of Arabs, of Muslims, and of humanity? Yes or no? Are we are at war with the U.S. – yes or no? Blood is being spilled. Lands are occupied. An Israeli enemy is occupying our lands, taking our holy places, and the fundamental goal of US policy in the Middle East is to maintain Israel's superiority."

Host: "If there is a real clash between Muslim communities in Europe, the US, and other countries, on the one hand, and the societies, on the other..."

Al-Naqqash: "What is the duty of every Muslim in the world? Whether in New York, Cairo, Beirut, or anywhere else? Did God draw these geographic borders for us, or did he tell us we are one nation?"

Host: "One nation."

It is true some of the grievances of Muslims against Western nations are not without foundation. But that does not make it so that we must increase the number of future enemies living amongst us. One of the greatest callings of statemanship is to forestall preventable evil. The policy of letting in large amounts of members of other ethnic groups and cultures are causing the citizenship of our societies to be diluted by people with hostile intention. People who will take away our rights and ursurp our polities. They are already for a long time encroaching the right to safety and prosperity of the blue collar workers in the urban areas. They are now starting to have impact on the middle classes. Expect opposition to Multiculturalism and Mass immigration to harden and intensify.


nouille said...

"One nation."

Why can't our government understand this, why can't they see it's not a silly flag they are loyal to but a religion!

ik said...

Always umma - always - read Indian History.

ik said...

sorry forgot to mention in the previous post - Ummah Uber Alles

Charles Martel said...

the concept of "Umma" is very very similar to the "internationalism" of the communists.
"workers of the world unite" and all that stuff.

Charles Martel said...

Attitudes towards Islam are actually hardening in Britain, according to a Sunday Times poll.

more here on the Sunday Times website

seems like the general British public are certainly no dhimmis.

Snouck said...

Always umma - always - read Indian History.

I am reading Koenraad Elst now. Fascinating stuff. Have you got some links and books you can recommend to me?

ik said...


You might already know about these - if so ignore them - but in brief

1. There was a case filed by a Hindu (I think refugee from Bangladesh-not sure) in the Calcutta High Court asking to ban the koran because it "incites violence, disturbs public tranquility, promotes, on ground of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities, and insults other religions or religious beliefs of other communities in India". The court threw out the case on a technicality - Here is an online book on the whole story

2. Here is an Amazon link for a book "The world of Fatwas" - sorry no free edition - author is very good - I have not read it - here is a brief introduction to it

3. The story of Islamic imperialism in India

4. The legacy of Muslim Rule in India