Monday, February 06, 2006

The History of British Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude is the attitude of submision to Islam's power by non-Muslims. Because of the agression of Islam against all infidels (Kuffaar) there are those infidels who choose to enter into the Dhimmi-contract of Sharia law. The Dhimmicontract prescribes the paying of a tax, humiliation and conformism to Islamic intolerance of dissent from Islamic theology.

The English who have send an army to Iraq to support the US efforts to democratize Iraqi society have been strongly Dhimmitized for almost 15 years. The extend of this Dhimmitude is obvious from the failure of British newspapers and the BBC to print of show the Danish Moh-toons. In contrast to French and German media.

In 1989 Indian writer Salman wrote the Satanic Verses. As a result of the book a fatwah for his assasination was issued.

Rushdie found refuge in the UK. After a few years most intellectuals lost their interest in Rushdie. In 1992 the UK created the Muslim Parliament. One of the Parliaments first acts was to debate the Rushdie case. The Muslim Parliament stated that Rushdie was: "an egoistic, arrogant, conceited and despicable person who has no right to freedom of speech, which he respects according to his own words"

Siddiqui, the founder of the Islamic Parliament confirmed his fatwa against Rushdie, and placed the affair in a wider perspective: "What we did against the Satanic Verses is a revolution. We have made clear that we will tolerate neither the book nor the author"(roar of approval from the audience).

Siddiqui called upon Muslims to murder Rushdie on BBC camera. Other Muslim leaders did the same on public events. This is a criminal act. But when the House of Lords had to decide whether there should be legal prosecution it judged that there were no grounds to prosecute. And Siddiqui was proud of this succes. He boasted: "we said "come and arrest us for breaking the law. The British government does not have the spine to arrest us and put us on trial. We are the only ones who stood firm. Rushdie, the government, the media they all changed their position. The recent publication of a paperback editions shows how brave they are, they are hiding who they are" "

The weakness of the British State against the call to murder in order to silence those who mock Mohammed and Islam are an example. An example of how Western governments are complicit to terror, Islamic terror. A far more serious complicity is the complicity of Western intellectials who are not excused by having to weigh in factors like freedom of speech. The assassins of Islam can use the many pro-Islamic Western sources which treat all criticism of Islam as signs of prejudice and even racism. Pro-Islamic Western intellectuals even use the canard of stating that those who criticise Islam and get threatened or murdered "were asking for trouble".

(This article is based on a translation and interpretation of parts of a Koenraad Elst article in Dutch called: "Islam and the Unbelievers", Thanks and hat tip to IK to point me in the direction of Koenraad Elst)


JKayce said...

Another name for pro-Islamic western intellectuals is simply ‘traitors’, on a par with the Dutch Nazi collaborators during WWII, the NSB-ers. If they like the islamic model for social justice so much, why don’t they just move to an islamic paradise such as Iran?

Yesterday I saw Bob Satchwell’s comments on the Dutch news about the national consensus in the UK NOT to publish the Danish cartoons, and I was shocked at the pro-Islamic bias of the media in the UK, carefully making sure they do not offend any muslim, even though muslims slit throats and utter death threats against people who do not see it their way. It’s absurd, to say the least.

I have a great admiration and sympathy for a man like Geert Wilders, who published the cartoons and subsequently received dozens of death threats, with now even the El-Tawheed mosque in Amsterdam charging him with blasphemy and insulting muslims.

And STILL politicians have the audacity to make statements that Islam is a noble and peaceful religion, like George Bush in his recent state of the union speech. It is such an outrageous lie, with so much evidence pointing to the opposite.

All this has made it crystal clear to anyone living in a western country that this REALLY cannot go on this way. Time has come for drastic action, because I for one am not prepared to hide in a corner while men like Fortuyn, Van Gogh and Geert Wilders put their lives on the line, fighting for the one thing that makes our society liveable and worth fighting for: freedom, not having to submit to the yoke of a dictator or fascist system. Islam is eating away at the pillars of our democracies, and it’s impossible to be tolerant of proponents of a system that seeks to subvert the traditional values of our democracy, just as one cannot be tolerant towards someone seeking to take one’s life.

Enough is enough, and the only option I see that is left for us is to establish a form of economic and demographic apartheid with the islamic world. We cannot afford to be sissies in the face of terror because we will not only make greater cowards of ourselves, but we will also create bigger and stronger bullies in the process. We should remember that the LION is the Dutch national symbol, and you don't want to mess with a lion.

Robbie Earl said...

British papers didn't reprint the Krauts' side splittingly funny cartoons of Jews, either.

Does this also make them traitors ?

Snouck said...

Well, if they would have not reprinted the anti-semitic cartoons in order to appease the Nazis deceiving the British public about what was going on it would have been betrayal of their readership. The Danish cartoons are quite lame and it is I think a good idea to reprint them because otherwise many readers would think that the cartoons are very offensive.

I am surprised that the Muslims regard the cartoons as so offensive. There is a history of Persian and Ottoman depictions of Mohammed. So one would expect the Muslims not to get so exited about it. Christians do not find it offensive to depict the prophets, so we would not have guessed that the Muslims would.

So I wonder how British media can do their duty to inform their readership about the extreme sensetivity by showing the cartoons. The Brits now flocked to the BNP website to see the cartoons, another victory for them.

Snouck has not depicted the cartoons btw, because I understand now that Muslims find the cartoons offensive and there are enough alternative sources on the net. No need to be unnessessarily offensive, is there?

The full media blackout on the cartoons in Britain is indeed highly questionable. Btw, the piece about British dhimmitude shows the abject attitude of the Brits in the face of death threats against Rushdie by public figures. What is your take on that, Mr Muslim defender?

Oh and I have linked to sidesplittingly funny stuermer cartoons in my "having fun with Asians piece". Anything wrong with that?

nouille said...

The BBC went as far as blaming the U.S. for the violence, saying that the war in Iraq made them angry not so much the cartoons, and the Europeans are now dealing with the fall out!!

Charles Martel said...

concerning british dhimmitude, well, it turns out that the "moderate" islamic cleric who was invited over to London by the dhimmi Mayor Ken Livingstone has been saying something interesting things on Qatari TV.

i've blogged about it here

of course, the british dhimmi establishment will ignore all this.

Charles Martel said...

i've found one hell of a story.
its about muslim family that dared to convert to christianity.
read it all here

this one needs to be spread far and wide and blogged about folks.

nouille said...

I feel sick after reading that article.

nouille said...

Here is an excerpt from a blogger in Egypt talking to his EUROPEAN RAISED AND SCHOOLED Egyptian friend: Read how tolerant this European raised Muslim is, this is the Thanks you get for allowing them into Europe.

My friend and co-worker Hady ( all names changed of course) immediately predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood will start a revolution and take over Egypt, which seemed to be the consensus among the rest of the co-workers. Ok, no problem there; it’s a plausible prediction, nothing to get worked up about. That is until Hady smiled this really mischievous smile and in utter glee said “and when that happen, haha, all the Christians in Egypt will get what’s coming for them. They will be killed on the streets baby!”, and then started laughing. Three of my co-workers laughed with him, but I didn’t. I was boiling on the inside, but I was more confused then anything.

You see, Hady lived most of his life in Europe, so he shouldn’t be thinking like this. I believe he was always kind of bigoted towards Coptic (Egyptian) christians, but he kept it under control for the most part. The problem started when he had decided that he was leading a sinful life and that he should be a better muslim, which somehow he aligned with the idea that he should be an enemy for anything that could possibly be against Islam. Given the kind of hate indoctrination they give you in some Islamic religious circles against “Christians and jews” and how they are infidels who don’t believe in Allah, Hady naturally felt that he was justified in his bigotry. I , naturally, wasn’t gonna let him of the hook that easily. So I simply asked him : “ why are you so afraid of them?”

He replied : “ Huh? What are you talking about? Who am I afraid of?”

I said: “ The Coptic Christians. Why are you so afraid of them? I mean, if you hate them so much it must be for a reason. It must mean you are afraid of them or something they do or represent.” I then took a dramatic pose and continued, “So what are you so afraid of Hady?”

Hady, slightly offended, replied: “I am not afraid of no Christians. I am just stating the obvious. That’s what Islam would dictate us to do if we lived in a truly Islamic country”. To which I quickly replied: “ So what is Islam so afraid of?”, which drew a rabble of shock from people around us and immediately antagonized Hady : “Watch what you are saying. Islam is not afraid of them and neither are we”!

“So why would you be so gleeful at the thought of them killed and slaughtered?”

“Cause they are Kafarah “Infidels” and should not be allowed to practice their “Kofr” in this country!” Hady quickly snorted!

Charles Martel said...

muslims should boycott egypt

why? because an egyptian newspaper published the danish caroons way back in OCTOBER 2005..

Charles Martel said...

“Cause they are Kafarah “Infidels” and should not be allowed to practice their “Kofr” in this country!” Hady quickly snorted!"

unfortunately, Hady's country will be nothing but radioactive green glass when we in the west have done our neccessary business. we will do it with a heavy heart, but in the wake of the nuking of Paris and London in 2009, it will be done. and islam will be gone forever.

i dearly hope that the above scenario never happens, and that we just flood the middle east with christianity, macdonalds pop music and other stuff - i dearly hope that the revolution will come from within.

ik said...

It is very strange - Since we were under British rule we had an opinion of Britain which somehow totally does not match the reality shown in the articles these days.
It is amazing how much societies can change (or It might be that each society has its weak points and Islam seems to be slamming directly into Britains weak points) - I do not know - never been to Europe so I cannot say.
But these articles are from British papers.

It's too late for mere 'respect', far too late

The Roads to Serfdom

Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

Robbie Earl said...

Hi Ik,

Interesting articles.

The UK (and the west) certainly has changed in the past fifty years or so.

We have pretty much abandoned faith in all of our institutions. We have also abandoned faith in the concept of duty.

Instead of being citizens we are taught to think of ourselves as being consumers. This is why our society is disintegrating.

It is also why new societies (or 'tribes' as Snouck says) are beginning to emerge from the ashes.

Luckily for us weapons technology has given us the space to rebuild our tribes. In previous millenia, a society as decadent as ours would have already been extingusihed by you 'barbarians'

ik said...

robbie - when you rebuild your tribes - you will find us barbarians ready for you ;)

Snouck said...


I think the English tribe is a very special case. They are more lost than others. I think you Indians have to come to their Island and rule them for a while - let us say 1.000 years - to get them straight again. They will not pose many obstacles. If they resist you just tell them that they are racist and they will cease all resistance running away crying.

If you need any consultancy on subjugation of the English Tribe and their proper way of exploitation I will be happy to be your advisor - for a fee ;-)

Do it IK, it will be good for them.... revenge can be so sweet.

ik said...

"Do it IK, it will be good for them.... revenge can be so sweet."

Hey Great Idea!
I am just worried that Blair might spend all the money on all those social programs and Imams/Mullahs to establish "social justice" I mean it would not be too much fun occupying a land which is not sufficiently wealthy;)

On second thoughts even if they are not wealthy we might just come over to implement democracy and teach them about Magna Carta etc. - bt before that we might have to teach them some Queens English!

Snouck said...

Hey Great Idea!
I am just worried that Blair might spend all the money on all those social programs and Imams/Mullahs to establish "social justice" I mean it would not be too much fun occupying a land which is not sufficiently wealthy;)

No no no, you do not understand. After you occupy it there will be no Blair and only one social program: your bank account in New Dehli of wherever.

Of course you must kick all the unproductive elements out and keep the productive ones. These must be well-fed and well-educated to ensure their maximum productivity for the greater good of the bank account. You have got something to learn about the right mindset of the colonialist, IK.

On second thoughts even if they are not wealthy we might just come over to implement democracy and teach them about Magna Carta etc.

well, they are not interested in their traditional rights now. The best thing you can do to develop the healtiest instincts of the English to protect the rights is by taking those rights away from them. It is injustice that gives people an appatite for justice.

But I like your Christian concept of revenge. Getting back at people by helping them. Showing your contempt by coming to the aid of the object of your contempt. You really have studied that part of our culture with a perceptive and penetrating mind!

Do not be selfish, IK, there is a people that needs guidance and you and your fellows can provide it!