Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guarding the gates

In the days of walled cities, the citizens of cities made sure that the guardians of the gates were the trustworthiests they could find. Not anymore. In a flippin’ fit of Multicultural mania SCOTUS, President Bush of the United States has decided to approve the sale of London based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. to a United Arab Emirate state owned firm, Dubai Ports World. Peninsular manages the ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. And GWB stated that he would veto any bill Congress might approve to block the agreement. This raises the level of potential infiltration by the Islamic terrorists world by several levels at once.


Charles Martel said...

i hate conspiracy theories - but is not beyond the bounds of reason that Dubya is playing the "bring it on" card?

a terrorist attack via the ports would be a perfect excuse for Dubya to seriously ramp up the war on Islam , cough, ahem, i mean the war on "terror".

and if the attack can be traced back to the Iranians - well, there you have it.

World War 3.

just a thought.

Snouck said...

Well, if that was the intention of Bush, I would think that he and his co-conspirators would want to be in control of the terrorist infiltration in order to keep an eye on it and to know what is going on. If there is an terrorist attack on the USA and in the investigation it is found that it indeed came through an UAE-controlled port then Dubya will be blamed.

Neither he nor his coterie want to be blamed, as shown by the cover-up of Cheney's drunkeness when he shot his friend a week or so ago. These guys want to be in control, but I guess that the group of people that Bush is loyal to, are not just American or even Western, but that he is loyal to a group that encompasses powerfull Middle Easterners too and that Bush trusts these people. Obviously many US citizens do not feel the same level of trust as Bush does.

You and I do not know whether these people are really as reliable as Bush seems to think. But if Bush's trust turns out to have been unfounded by a future terrorist attack then he will be in very dire straits.

I do not know why he exposes himself so much. It is the same with his attempt to appoint that Miers woman as a Chief Justice. Bush seems to be lacking in judgement.

Robbie Earl said...

I would actually be happier if Team Bush were running some cunning conspiracy or other.

It would be better than the truth, which is that they're basically carpet chewing loons.