Friday, February 17, 2006

Dutch Internet Cartoonist Censored

Geregorius Nekschot, a Dutch Internet Cartoonist, is censored for making Anti-Islamic cartoons. The cartoonist who is featured on Van Gogh's website makes almost constantly cartoons about Islam and Muslims.

Yesterday several of his cartoons were banned by the Muslim discrimination report desk on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam-West, which I featured on my blog on 23 November 2005.

The message of the censorship, signed by a Mr. Enver Varisli, can be seen here (English):
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
Mr. E. Varisili writes to
Our investigation shows that your company hosts The aformentioned website shows depictions which in our opinion constitute defamation, insults discrimination and that promote hatred which are possibly punishable by law under article 137 c,d, e of the Criminal Code. We request removal or blocking of the depictions before Monday 13 February 2006 at 12:00.

The abovementioned 6 url's which are added under numbers 1 to 6 are then added.

Signed: Mr E. Varisili, Back Office employee of the Mercator Discrimination Report Desk.


JKayce said...

It gives me the feeling I'm living under islamic shariah instead of living in a free country. What a legacy Markus Bakker left us with his damned addition to the first article of Dutch constitution.
This is a scary development that MUST be put to a halt. Unbelievable, in the city where Van Gogh was killed muslims slash the throat of freedom of speech in order to silence any criticism.

ik said...

"in our opinion constitute defamation, insults discrimination and that promote hatred"

are there any sites that host the koran in Holland - maybe someone can file a cmplaint anonymously against such a site - usde the TCQP text to file the complaint - hey a sword can cut both ways you know

JKayce said...

Ha, yes, fight fire with fire.
Only the problem is, where will it end? What will be next to censor, the bible? A novel from Rushdie? A movie? An opera?

I am very adversely disposed towards a meddling, mothering government, and here in Holland the dreaded art.1 and derivative legislation is a thorn in the foot of liberty. The problem is that the European constitution has a similar anti-discrimination article, so the chances on a Dutch politician standing up to change the Dutch first article in the constitution are very slim, it would mean to deviate from the European legislation and create an obstacle to a united Europe. Fortuyn had the courage, but unfortunately, he was one of a kind.