Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cronulla Race riots - the Aftermath

A viewing that will let your blood boil: a security video recording of an random attack by 20-25 Middle Eastern lads. The target: an unsuspecting white Australian entering a youth hostel. The dateline: the day after the Cronulla beach events.

The post of European Ethnocentrist that has the link to the video.

Note the interview with the visibly cornered authorities who are lying their way out of the predicament of the released video.

Incredibly the attack is within 50 meters of a police station!!!!!! The reports that the Australian police is a Leftist infiltrated laughing stock are obviously true. The Lebs have no fear or respect for the police at all.

Why pay tax to a state that is fully run and owned by Leftists who have no understanding of human nature? Who sell our nations to foreigners and call us Nazi's when we want to defend ourselves and what is ours? Who cover up crimes, thefts, rapes, assaults by foreign ethnics?

Who still run educational establishment and police departments, the Churches and the Media.

Why are we cowed? It is just habit that is keeping us back. A habit we must break!

Lying Hypocritical Leftist Scum!


Ethnocentrist said...

Calm down Snouk, my friend. Haven't you heard? The Dutch are supposed to be "tolerant" of such things!! LOL

Seriously, I hope that video has the same reaction to everyone who sees it as it had with you and me. I was completely aghast when viewing it. It is one thing to read and hear about "20 Muslims attacking" someone and it is totally different seeing the viciousness of it right in front of your very eyes.

Thanks for posting it.

Snouck said...

Well, I calmed down. Apologies for my rather hot headed post. I wrote the post twice but apparently I was still furious the second time I wrote it.

José María said...

It is beginning to be evident for more people that are usually well informed that there is an organized effort to destroy Western Civilization, you point at Leftist but I think they are only a tool, the real conspirators are immensely rich and own the media and promote their people to High Offices everywhere.

It is a shame and a pity we are so cowards to the point of allowing our own murder.

Charles Martel said...

"It is a shame and a pity we are so cowards to the point of allowing our own murder."

well, last time i checked there were about 150,000 American troops fighting the Jihadists in Iraq. And Israel is armed to the teeth.

And India is facing to build a 2,500 mile fence around rapidly Islamifying Bangladesh.

so, its not all THAT bad.

we'll win in the end. we've got bigger guns for starters.

telling you straight, i was listening to irish radio today ,about the cartoon rage issue , and a number of callers rang in utterly disgusted - with the muslims.

one guy said something to the effect of "i have supported the palestinian cause all my f***king life, and this is the way you idiots treat us back? by attacking the E.U. office in Gaza? well f*** that - i'm supporting Israel from now on. Enough!"

we're winning folks. honestly, the calls from irish people , who are normally sympathetic to the Arab muslims , was unbelievably in favour of Denmark. a tipping point has occured in the small country of Ireland.

José María said...

islamophobic, as usual, misunderstanding my posts. You think that Western Civilization only faces a threat, Islam, well, for me, Islam is a threat among many others.

-Who has allowed mass immigration?
-Who covers immigrant´s rapes and murders?
-Who preaches multiculturalism?
-Who silences until it becomes too obvious all these problems?
-Who owns media?

If you answer those questions you will find the real enemies, and those enemies are stronger than ever.
After all for them the war against Islam is welcome and needed for their plans.

So islamophobic, don´t think for a moment, that we, you and I, are in the same battle because my enemies are not yours.

Charles Martel said...

what in gods name are you on about jmaria?