Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Carnival in Oldenzaal

The Carnival organisation "Grote Twentsche Carnavalsoptocht" of the Eastern Dutch town of Oldenzaal will not permit (Dutch) any references to the Danish Mohammed Cartoon crisis. The fear is that it will damage relations between the local Dutch and the immigrant community.

Carnival was always a celebration of political incorrect satire, when societies absurdities could be commented. It seems that this medium is being muzzled voluntarily.

I am sure the local council of the Carnival Association got a "social call" from the police chief and mayor, perhaps also from the Minister of Internal Affairs. I wonder what will happen in the South which is fully Catholic and where Carnival is huge. Can they enforce a Mohammed Cartoon Ban on all Carnival Associations?


Edward Ott said...

perhaps the local police chief is thinking i don't want a riot. cause riots give the police a lot more work. what a lazy cop he is. should fire his lazy cop butt.


Charles Martel said...

what if everyone turned out in Mohammed costumes?