Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blair's attempt to muffle Free speech amended

Interesting news from Britain, where Blair's religious hatred bill met with strong opposition. The bill was to criminalise criticism of ideas. The protected ideas would be those ideas which can be claimed to be religious ideas. The proposed bill was watered down by amendments which protect the right to criticise or ridicule religious ideas. The bill still gives religious communities special rights to protection from expressions of intended violence and hatred. As such it is discriminatory of those who are non-religious and whose thoughts are not protected by belonging to the heritage of a traditional organised religion.

The reason why Blair promoted the bill was to curry favour with and get the votes of Muslims.

The ethnic communities of Jews and Sikhs already recieve special protection. The bill would give similar rights to Christians and Muslims, although Christians did not ask for such favours.

Under the original version of the bill the British government would have been able to punish a newspaper or other medium that would publish cartoons of Mohammed. As happened in Denmark with the Jylland Posten cartoons, which is causing ripples of hatred and anger in the Islamic world and Muslim communities in the West.

Saudi Arabian Arab News wrote:
"Were Prime Minister Rasmussen to follow Blair’s lead and introduce a similar law in Denmark, Muslim anger would vanish, not least because the UK bill, although protecting all religions from attack, is in fact designed specifically with Islam in mind. Rasmussen has to think about Denmark’s political and economic interests. But he needs to realize what Tony Blair has realized — that Muslims are now an integral part of his country and that to attack their faith is to attack them."

Obviously Arab News regards the presence of Muslim minorities in Western Societies as irreconcilable with Freedom of Speech.


Charles Martel said...

Geert Wilders has put the Danish cartoon
on his website

Heloise said...

Ali Sina at has always maintained that ridicule is one of the best methods to use in fighting jihad. Now I understand what he meant and how right he is.

Keep up the good work Denmark and all the European countries and individuals who have shown their support for freedom of speech and expression.

Statto said...

For a satirical analysis of Tony's latest loss, try this KTAB News article: Religious Right: Government Wrong.

Snouck said...

"Ali Sina at has always maintained that ridicule is one of the best methods to use in fighting jihad. "

It definitely is. If people start seeing how rediculous something is and start laughing at it, then the fight is already halfway won. This method was also used by Pim Fortuyn against Multiculturalism. Also with humor one ca approach a subject in an oblique way, avoiding a crackdown by authorities.

Charles Martel said...

who would have thought that our biggest WMD against Islam would have been a bunch of Danish cartoons.

the cartoon issue has seriously woken up a lot of Europeans to the craziness of Islam.

far more so that any previous terrorist atrocity.

Robbie Earl said...

Is that Mohammed in the cartoon ?

I thought he was supposed to have red hair.

Snouck said...

Go tell the Danes, Earl. Their scriptural grounding is still rather limited but the believers are working on it. Let's see which believers win.