Saturday, February 25, 2006

Between a rock and a hard place

Those who oppose Islam's apperant assault often uncritically embrace Western values and practises. But why is a religion from a failing demographic group, 1.3 billion strong able to pose such a challenge? Should we not look at the questionable ideological background of of a part of the West, both on the Left and the Right and see that our culture has incorporated some serious flaws, blinding us and making us vunerable to enemies so weak as Islam?

Crushing Islam is not really the answer to our problems. We have to look at our beliefs and behaviour and sort them. Those memes that have not stood the test of time, must be discarded. There is no survival without increasing learning and increasing learning is increasing our suffering.

If you can afford it you might stay stupid though.....

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nouille said...

intelligent design is not intelligent.