Monday, December 05, 2005

Is Islam the Enemy?

I was reading some web postings today on Dutch forums. Then I checked view from the right and Fjordman. Everyone is beating the drum of "BadIslam". Islam is a problem. Muslim suicide bombers. Immigrants don't want to intergrate. Wah wah wah. This is friggin ridiculous. Sure. Islam desperately WANTS to be a treath to the rest of the world. I guess Islam is a danger to Unga-Zunga in the Congo jungle in Africa. But it is no danger to China, India or The West.

People, this is a civilisation that has been stopped by a few hundred thousand Jews. A people who a 100 years ago were only good at charging interest, buying and selling and writing books. In 1880 there was hardly a Jew in the world that could handle a rifle, let alone a cannon. All the Jews that did have military expertise were serving in European armies and there were very few of them.

Well, the Jews came up with a new and very naughty idea, that is they would live in their own society and take care of their own security. Zionism. Until then the ideas of Jews working and fighting for themselfs had been anathema. Why? Well, because it had been so for a very long time. Eventually a few hotheads decided they had enough, they got together, started small settlements in Palestine and decided at some point that they would guard them themselves. Crazy idea. Totally nuts. In the end though, the guards or HaShomer, were a success and and manage to fight the Muslims man to man and eventually gain respect in the eyes of Muslims and themselves.

Our problem is that we do not respect ourselves. The Chinese do. The Indians do. The Jews do. Even the Black Africans, who have no civilisation worth speaking of fight Islam proudly where it encroaches on their societies. Yet we Westerners try to weasel our way out of the fight. The leader of the strongest Western nation even calls Islam a religion of Peace, for crying out loud.

This is because our high priests have betrayed us. The high priests who are in charge of the Academia, the schools, political parties of the Left and the so-called Right and the Media think they have nothing to fear. That they can win appoval of their peers by ridiculing Western civilisation. As long as these people do not change their minds or until these people are removed from their positions of propaganda power, the West will not be able to fight. The most difficult job is to look in the enemy's eyes and to see he is one of us. Once we realise the enemy is in the nervous system and the brain of our societies and we can start to remove this wild and vicious creed of Multiculturalism. At the same time there will be the confrontation with Islam. By comparison this second fight will be ridiculously easy. And the fight with Islam makes the confrontation with the High Priests easier. Deep in their hearts they do get a bit nervous about their savage protege's. This is something to exploit.

Next time someone is defending Multiculturalism by calling you a racist or a hater be ready for it. Ask him to define those things. Ask him for the connection between those political words and what you have been advocating. If he does not make a convincing case demand an apology. Be blunt, unpleasant and even vicious. These words have te become fighting words. The West cannot win if it is not Free and Proud.


José María said...

Man you have understood it. There are not many people who do. Islam is an evil but it is worse the Left and its ideas that rule our society, starting in the school and following in the main stream media.

But now we have a chance, internet is a big one. We have to fight to defend Free Expression, if we lose that battle we are dead.

You got it, congratulations. I have insulted many times Scandinavians because they are leading multiculturalism to the nausea. In India if a Muslim dares to rape a Hindu, oh God, be sure that the Hindus will lynch that guy. They still believe in families and love each other. Scandinavians don´t.

Even in Spain, my country, those rapes don´t happen, we wouldn´t tolerate it. Some years ago a Moroccan killed a Spanish woman and a whole village, El Egido, chased the whole Moroccan comunity. Of course MSM talked about racism and bla, bla, bla, but that kind of "racism" preserves the social pax.

nouille said...

Frankly, I am worried.

If I said I wasn't, I would be lying.

What worries me is the PC brigade.

I don't seem to be able to defend myself at times from my extended European family and their swipes at me. It's as if I AM THE ENEMY!

This info will not be forgotten.

P.S. Do you believe Europes openly hostile & vocal stance against the U.S. leads muslims to believe they are at an advantage now that the "West" is divided?

ig_r said...

The Right did not present a decent challenge to the Multiculturalist creed 20 years ago and because of their dereliction we are paying the price for it today. Now it is imperative that we slay this false idol with logic and reveal it to be a utopist philosophy that wilfully neglects the reality of history and culture. Anti-racism has become the highest ideal and cultural preservation the worst sin. This was done for the financial interests of the High Priests and also to alleviate their self-inflicted "white guilt". They recieved the pecuniary and psychological benefits from this social experiment while we endure the reality of its practice. Do not be afraid to be called a racist. Although racism does exist, the definition of that word has become so perverted to such an extent that anything in disagreement with the new Marxism is deemed "racist".

JKayce said...

You definitely pointed out a very sore spot when you mentioned the lack of self respect. But what do you expect with the leftists (supported by weak, sycophantic, guilt-ridden ‘Yay’ sayers on the right side) attacking any form of national pride for decades while bending over backwards to please and coddle immigrants, encouraging them to keep their own cultural values and rewarding them with social security cheques, and referring to this display of sickening weakness ‘tolerance’?

Talking about the Jews you should take a look at this article: Apparently Israel has no place in the UN's vision of the Middle East now that they show maps with only Palestine on it and remember Palestinian suicide terrorists with a minute silence at the UN's headquarter.
The UN is a nice example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Wubslyn said...

PC is definitely a problem in Europe. Our governments are full of people who labour under the delusion that all values and cultures are equal.

Well, they aren't. European culture is the best in the world. But it ain't just the PC brigade who seek to undermione it.

Bush's banana republican idea that we should abandon every value we have just because Al Qaeda managed to kill some Americans is equally dangerous.

During WW2 the Krauts slaughtered more people every night than died in 911, but even then we didn't abandon belief in our civilised values. Nor should we now.

Snouck said...

why did the people of El egido rebel and why do poeple elsewhere in Spain not?