Friday, December 30, 2005

Doorkeepers of Democracy and the fifth column

I spoke to a friend who is an activist for the ultra-Leftist Sosialistiese Partij or Socialist Party about non-Western immigrants recently. My friend agrees that there are many problems about intergrating non-western foreigners into Dutch society, but does not understand the significance of the Islamic religion. At a certain point he remarked that all the Muslims he knows through his party work are such good people and that they overwhelmingly support leftist and ultra leftist parties.

I always wonder if people are trying my out when they say such things. People know that I am conservative and patriotic but generally I only let my real thoughts be known to an intimate circle of friends and when I discuss contentious matters I generally spoon feed Leftists conservative insights. Giving them the whole thing at once will choke them like a snake devouring a hog.

So I just said: "well, perhaps that is why your side of the political spectrum is so happy to let Muslims and non-western immigrants in? What I wonder about is why these immigrants, who are generally very patriotic about their countries and zealous about their religions vote for parties that are anti-nationalistic and hostile to religion and tradition?"

I could see that it got him thinking. I will have to check back and see if the seed that I planted fell on fertile ground. If I find a sapling it will take some tender loving care in order to nurture a beautiful tree of Conservative wisdom in the desert of Dutch progressive closed mindedness.

There are two connected matters. One, the Left has an interest to increase the number of voters by importing a captive voter base. Two, the ideology of the imported voter base must be such that it has buttons that the Left can push in order for the voter base to deliver the goods.

The Leftists ritually don the cloak of disinterested altruism when defending open borders and Multiculturalism. The Leftist creed is worship at the altar of the State. According to the Left the State must be given as much power as possible at the expense of other arrangement for co-operation, such as voluntary associations, churches, businesses, the family and the other groupings which are the temples of the Right. The State is a monopolist of power over a given population and territory, whereas the other associations, the ones preferred by the Right are in competition with each other, giving people choice and thusly freedom.

Because of the downfall of socialism in Eastern Europe the creed of the Left has been discredited with white voters in Western countries. The arrival in the Middle Class of about eighty percent of blue collar workers since the 1970ies has further eroded support for the Left. It is no coincidence that the Left since 1990 has been more vociferous in the support of size of immigration and the rights of immigrant groups. With full power over the discourse on immigration, basically by making it impossible to debate it, the Left got control over the composition of the total voter base. With every election the number of immigrant voters increases. They overwhelmingly support the Left. Thusly the Left can subvert democracy.

I say "subvert democracy". Because the "Demos" in Democracy means "people" or "nation". It is the total power of the State to define who is a citizen. Which is based on the untransparent machinations of State bureaucracy, based on the nations dead territorium and on the passage of time. And not on any of the traditional source of legitimacy to be regarded as a member of the nation. That is the ultimate expression of Leftist State power worship and totally negates the idea of natural nationhood or Demos. Consequentially elections become empty RITUALS of democracy rather than a means to express the will of the people. A people with a common heritage and a sense of shared destiny.

The support for immigration is therefore both ideologically and practically of major importance to the Left.

The second matter is the motivation of non-western immigrants to vote for Leftist parties. As remarked to my socialist friend, the immigrants come from backgrounds that are strongly particularistic and that place great emphasis on tribe and blood, on religion and nationalism. Why support the Left then when living in the West? It would be more naturaral to support political forces that are more ideologically congruent or isomorph to the ideologies the immigrants brought from their original societies.

Well if WE invaded a foreign nation, would we support the local nationalists and particularists that patriotically oppose our presence? Or would we support those local unpatriotic political forces that would be looking to strengthen our community of colonists at the expense of their own nation? We would be supporting the latter traitorous forces. Especially if we would be lacking the strength to maintain our community by our own economic and military force. From the particularist Point of View of the immigrants, support of the Left is a duty to their group.

So the Left and the immigrants live in perfect political symbiosis, despite the fact that their ideologies are diametrically opposed. So my socialist friend was wrong. The immigrants are not selfless supporters of the Leftist shrine of the State and worshipper equality, but hardnosed, rightwing political entrepreneurs looking for a bargain. It takes one, to know one!

However, as the size of the immigrant groups grow the costs of the policy, which have to be born by the host population increase and a truly rightwing position makes more and more sense for that segment of the population most hurt by Leftist strategy.


nouille said...

I see the SP have an Arabic version on their web site, how nice. >rolls her eyes<

nouille said...

Snouck said: "So the Left and the immigrants live in perfect political symbiosis, despite the fact that their ideologies are diametrically opposed"

Funny how the very people they support seek to make Europe less European.

Topless sunbathing offends muslims in France. I have even heard them complain about ads in pharmacy windows depicting women in bikinis as a horrible loss of morality!

The tolerance that the Netherlands shows towards others is somthing they seek to exploit. They are no fools when it comes to this.

Looks like the master is now the servant.

eyesallaround said...

Snouck, good work! And it is WORK... We've been working on our brain dead equivalents for years, and sometimes you can hit the right nail on the head and make some progress. A joke once turned a democrat friend to a Republican. You just never know when it will sink in. You're playing the game perfectly.

RobertinArabia said...


Don Miguel said...


It will be interesting to see if the "seed" you planted actually grows. My experience has generally been that nothing comes of it, but once in a while I find someone who is actually open to change their mind.

JKayce said...

You hit the nail on the head.

It's really an abuse of the democratic system, importing immigrants, bestowing all kinds of favours on them in order to manipulate them into supporting you. After all, one doesn't bite the hands that feeds.
The end result is that we are living on multi-cultural time bombs waiting to go off, thanks to the infamous Inquisition of the Church of the NetherLeft. said...

You hit the nail on the head - i only wish i could do it so good. I tried though in a number of posts on the lefties and my conclusions are vaguely different, usually ending in oikophobia, but this is really good.

I look forward to more posts from your hand.

Mikkel, Enough!

Snouck said...

Mikkel from Denmark,

I visited your site and I am very interested in your ideas. The pillow fight and capture the moral high ground are exactly my ideas. Very interesting. I'll add you to my blogroll. Of course, you will reciprocate as a gentleman!