Thursday, December 08, 2005


Nouille wrote a reply saying that she got hostility when she expressed opposition to Multiculturalism from the European extended family. It is true that one get's a lot of hostility for expressing dissent with the Multiculturalist postmodernist idea.

People like other people to conform to their views. For Leftists conformity is very important. Leftist ideas are usually selected on their "moral superiority value", where rightist views are often adopted out of habit. Neither way arriving at certain views makes it easy for the proponents of these ideas to defend their beliefs against new information. Right now the beliefs in human unity and co-operation are coming apart under the terrorist Islamist attacks. So it is a good time to express opposition against Multiculturalism. These people have increasing doubts in their beliefs themselves. A few of them are coming around. Also rightist are being given more space to air their views.

So things are moving our way. This is a good time to make a stand. 10 years ago it was social suicide.


JKayce said...

It's a very sad comment that 10 years ago going against the politically prevailing dogma was tantamount to social suicide. Although we like to think we live in a democracy, the past decades have shown that only the political conformists are tolerated; daring to express a deviating view can lead to legal persecution and/or a jail sentence, or you even might end up getting killed.
Now, that's not a very democratic way of dealing with opposition, is it? Yet the leftists have gotten away with it for years. Now that there is an opening in time and space, we should not be afraid to use it and make a difference.

Snouck said...

Political correctness had the status of a religion. Going against Political correctness was regarded as blasfemy even punishable by fine and imprisonment. The government supported groups like the squatters (krakers) and Anfifa to terrorize fledgling nationalist groups. Chirchill has said that the new fascists will call themselves antifascist and his prophesy was fullfilled in political correctness.