Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cardiff Muslim Councillor needs to get off his high horse

On a state school in Cardiff in Britain, halal food is made available to Muslim pupils attending the school (Hat tip, Esther). Which is mighty nice and polite of the British. There is no need for Westerners to do so and the immigrants knew they were moving to a non-Islamic country when they immigrated to the UK.

The Cardiff Muslim councillor says:
This has caused deep upset and is absolutely outrageous. How can a mistake like this happen?
The arrogance of that man. We Westerners are human. We make mistakes. Muslims are not entitled to a perfect treatment. I do not trust people who make such a noise over such small matters.

The British should stop bending over to the Muslims or other foreigners. If arrogance like this is the payment for British hospitality, foreigners should be made to understand they can pack their bags and get the hell out of Europe. The bloody cheek.....


Robbie Earl said...

This gives me an idea.

Next time I go to Saudi I'm gonna demand beer and bacon sandwiches at the refectory.

You know, what with this being my cultural heritage and all.

Snouck said...

I am sure the Saudis will be understanding and sympathetic to your need to honour your heritage.

In fact they will be horrified if they find out how they have been surpressing you.

netron said...

we buy oil off the Saudis. without that oil, we're toast.

thats why they can get away with refusing you to have your beer and bacon sandwiches, unfortunate though that is.